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Donna G. Hurlock, M.D.
Gynecologist, NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner


Apparently CVS mail order pharmacy is offering a new "service" to their customers where the customer can use their phone to scan their paper prescriptions and send them electronically to the pharmacy to be filled. The problem with this plan is that Virginia does not allow pharmacies to fill prescriptions that arrive electronically unless they arrive directly from their doctor's office. So when CVS receives these prescriptions, they then send a fax to me asking me to generate a duplicate prescription of what I already gave to my patient and then send it back to them. Because this system unnecessarily wastes our time and requires duplication of work to pull and re-file charts and to rewrite prescriptions, please be aware that the turnover time at our office for this service may be as much as 72 hours, and you will be charged a script duplication fee of $10 for each prescription that needs to be duplicated. Thus, instead of using their new "service", it would be greatly appreciated if you would simply mail the original paper prescriptions to your pharmacy. Thanks.

We've Moved!

We are excited to announce that on June 1st, 2015, we relocated our office from Alexandria to a first floor condo office in Fairfax City!  Our new address is 10807 Main Street, Suite 500, Fairfax, VA  22030, in the Kelly Square Office Complex.  The office is only 2 traffic lights west of the Fairfax Courthouse / Old Town area of Fairfax City on Route 236, which is called Main Street when it enters Fairfax.  In Alexandria, Route 236 is called Duke St.  So if you leave my old office on Duke Street and just drive west on Duke Street, which changes it's name to Little River Turnpike and then to Main Street, you will arrive at the new office in about 24 minutes assuming no traffic back ups.  Or, from the DC beltway, it can easily be reached by taking I 66 to Route 50 (near Fair Oaks Mall) and going east on Route 50 which turns into Main Street.  Or from the beltway you can just get off at the Little River Turnpike exit and drive west for several miles.

Please note that our new phone number is 703-273-1533 and our new fax number is 703-273-1544.

Also our new practice name is "Women's Hormone Center of Northern Virginia, PC."

Hope you love the new office and location as much as we do!  Also, I hope you like our new logo, a woman playing the violin in the moon light.  The violin represents the fine tuning of all your hormones that we always try to achieve and the moon represents hormonal cycles. 

An Introduction to our Practice

Dr. Hurlock is a Board Certified Gynecologist and NAMS Certified Menopause Practitioner in private solo practice since 1988.   Our practice provides general gynecology services including pap smears, colposcopy, hysteroscopy, pelvic exams, etc., offering special expertise in the areas of menopause, osteoporosis, nutrition, preventive medicine, and also hypothyroidism treatment, based on clinical findings rather than just laboratory parameters.  Rather than to only treat disease, we prefer to promote wellness by balancing and replacing hormones that have become deficient.  By directly resolving the underlying hormone deficiencies, this approach minimizes the subsequent need for medicines that are typically used to treat symptoms.  You’ll find a strong emphasis on education, nutrition, and patients’ participation in their care. Our goal is to help our patients attain and maintain their optimum level of wellness through both traditional approaches and alternative therapies.

Dr. Hurlock began to treat hypothyroidism in 1998 after she learned that she herself had been hypothyroid for years.  Since then she has treated thousands of women with symptoms of hypothyroidism, often resulting in dramatic improvement in the patients’ well-being.   Dr. Hurlock follows the original clinically-based Broda Barnes method of treating the patient until the patient is well, rather than treating the lab tests until the lab tests are well.  Please read “Hypothyroidism, the Unsuspected Diagnosis” by Broda Barnes, 1976, for further details.  Many of our patients come primarily for management of their hypothyroidism, seeking their gynecology care elsewhere.  This poses absolutely no problem for our office.  However, many patients prefer that we do both thyroid and menopause management.

Dr. Hurlock has been quoted as an authority on the management of hypothyroidism in several books by our friend, the tireless Thyroid Patient Advocate and Activist Mary Shomon, author of www.thyroid.about.com  and www.thyroid-info.com and also of multiple books about thyroid and other health issues.   Dr. Hurlock was also one of the first Certified Menopause Clinicians (now called Certified Menopause Practitioners) in the country, having demonstrated her expertise in menopausal medicine when the first test was given in 2000.  Her booklet “The Truth about Estrogen” was written in 2008 as a response to the WHI controversy surrounding menopausal hormone replacement.  Copies are available in the office for a nominal charge.

We believe that our overall health can be much improved by this approach to prevention of disease, and are thankful to have the opportunity to help our patients achieve a higher level of wellness than that which is obtained under the current medical dogma.  Hopefully at some point in the future, the proper physiologic replacement of all hormones will once again become the standard of care, as it was many years ago.

A Note from Dr. Hurlock
(As posted in the “Top Docs” section of www.thyroid.about.com)

I’ve been treating hypothyroidism clinically for about 12 years and during that time have treated thousands of patients, many of whom have been suffering for years and even decades.  My general approach is to treat the patient until they are well.  Seems simple, but the standard approach only treats until the lab test is “well”.  I use clinical signs and symptoms to guide therapy.   I’ve found that the lab tests really don’t measure function of thyroid, so clinical factors are much more important.   As for what products I use, I use them all, and if one does not work, I’ll use something else.  My biggest thrill is when the patient comes in on the perfect dose, all her symptoms are resolved and she’s healthier than she has been for years!  Many of my patients are able to get off lots of other meds because they no longer need them, and most of those who need to lose weight, begin to do so once the best dose is found.

Since I am a gynecologist by training, I see only women for thyroid issues.  Many also have gynecologic issues, polycystic ovaries, problematic menses, menopausal issues, etc.  I am also a Certified Menopause Practitioner and have treated menopausal issues for over 20 years.  I try to balance reproductive hormones in the same way that I do hypothyroidism.  By treating all of these issues together, with a holistic approach, we usually end up with excellent results.  I also find that hand outs and reprints of literature are very useful since we often cover so much information that it is impossible for my patients to retain it all.  Please explore the rest of our web site for more information.  We no longer participate with insurance plans but we will give you the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.